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Grave History:

Rosalie B. "Peaches" Siegel (b. 1946 - d. 1997) 

- 31 December 2018 -

Cemetery History:

Graveyard of the Lady Elgin Unknown (Highland Park, Illinois)

- Forthcoming -

About the Histories

History Below Soil



Graveyards, churchyards, and ossuaries tend to be full of fascinating monuments, graves, mausoleums, and bones; but what of the dearly departed owners of those bones therein?  Come with me into the most natural history museum around—the graveyard—and we shall explore together. Whether they happen to be the nearest cemetery to me, or an ancient cairn across the sea, instead of taking the time to Google history and carry on, pause here and peer into these grave histories with me.

The Plot


Most of the grave histories are from the Chicago-area where I am based. However, the cemetery on the side of the road always draws interest wherever I go.

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